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Duroshine Wall Putty is a water resistant and white cement based wall putty which can be used on internal and external plastered surface. By the feature of water resistant it provides a protective base to your expensive paints. Duroshine Wall Putty has more adhesive strength that provides a permanent strong base which insures a longer life for the panted surface. It can even be applied on freshly plastered wall thus resulting in saving of time and cost. It fills the fine pores of the surface and provides a white, smooth and dry surface for painting. Duroshine Wall Putty contains finest quality of dolomite, white cement and polymers.


  • - Being a cementitious material it has better adhesiveness and durability.
  • - It is water resistant and can be applied on moistured surface.
  • - Duroshine Wall Putty gives a smooth and glossy finish surface that effectively reduce the consumption of expensive paints.
  • - No need to apply any kind of primer on it before application of paint or distemper.
  • - Duroshine Wall Putty can be applied on both interior and exterior surface.


Application Procedures 

Surface Preparation
Before applying Duroshine Wall Putty, remove all dust and traces from surface with the help of sand paper, putty blade or wire brush. The apllyable surface should be clean and dust free. Dampen the surface with clean water.

Mixing of Putty Powder
To make putty paste, add approx 400ml to 500ml of clean water in 1kg of putty and stir continuously and after stand the paste for 10-15 minutes. The putty paste is now ready to apply.

This will help in easy application, obtaining more coverage and smooth uniform shade. Only prepare a quantity which can be used within 90 minutes of mixing with water.

Pre-Wetting the surface
It is very important and essential to that the surface is wet properly before the application of Duroshine Wall Putty. The surface should be damp during application. This insure easy work ability, higher coverage and higher bonding strength with the surface.

Application Method

  • - After making a putty paste apply the first coat on the moistened surface from bottom to upword direction with the aid of putty blade. This would ensure minimum wastage and proper finish.
  • - Allow the surface to dry for at least 6 hours** and then apply the second coat of putty . leave the surface to dry completely. After drying of second coat, remove any type of marks of moist sponge and rub surface very gently with the putty blade.
  • - The Total thickness of putty coat should be maximum 1.5 mm
  • - Smoothen With steel trowel, Sand paper if so desired with 320 no. sand paper.

The Coverage of Duroshine Wall Putty on smooth surface is 12-15 sq.ft / kg in double coat.

Duroshine Wall Putty must be stored in dry and moisture free place. The Putty can be stored up to 6 month.

Duroshine Wall Putty contain non toxic materials but still take care to avoid dust inhalation during mixing and handling it In case of contact with eyes or mouth, wash with clean water and take madical help.

Duroshine Wall Putty is available in 

  • - 1kg.
  • - 5kg
  • - 20kg
  • - 40kg bags.
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Dura White Cem is high quality sparkling white lime wash gives a glowing snow white look to the walls which is applied as a protective and decorative coat on both old and freshly plastered surface . Dura White Cem is mad keeping in mind the needs of the house owners and builders under various weather conditions which is applied on both internal and external plastered surface. Furthermore, our range of “Dura White Cem” is widely appreciated and used as one of the best alternatives for costly plaster and paint.    


  • Dura White Cem gives a batter glowing snow white appearance as comared to white cement, which has a greenish or bluish whiteness.
  • Dura White Cem has better adhesiveness and durability.
  • It has about 20% more coverage per kg as compared to white cement.
  • Easy to use and application procedure is same as cement paint.
  • Can be applied any kind of paints, putty etc. on Dura White Cem without facing any problems.
  • Gives a excellent smooth finish.
  • Water based and Eco-friendly product.
  • Cost Efficient and it is more long lasting.

 Application Procedure


 Surface Preparation 

 Before applying Dura White Cem, Remove all dust and traces from surface with the help of wire brush. The applicable surface should be clean and dust free.


Take 1 part of water. While stirring , add equal quality of Dura White Cem Powder to get a thick paste. Add required amount of extra water to get to the prepared mix to mature for about 10 minutes  before application . Now the paste is not being used should be kept well coverd.  


The coverage of Dura White Cem on smooth surface is 10 to12 sq. meter /kg /coat.


Dura White Cem  must be stored in dry and moisture free place. Cem can be stored upto 1 year.


Kindly take care to avoid dust inhalation during mixing and handling. In case of contact with eyes or mouth, wash with clean water and take medical help.  



Dura White Cem is available in

*  1kg       * 5kg  * 25kg Paking



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